Everywhere Tote Bag Pet Carrier

The Everywhere Tote Bag is one of our proudest designs. This pet carrier will meet you and your pet's every need. Check out the list of its features below, the versatility is simply off the charts!

It is the ideal bag for bringing your pet to cafes, or picnic at the park. The bag can be opened up to become a bed, so your pet can chill comfortably with you at all times.

- Zippers on all 4 corners so the bag can open up completely to become a bed
- Inside of the bag is quilted with thick foam, comfortable for pets to lay on
- Bag can be folded flat to be stored, taking up very little space at home
- Side panel can be folded down for smaller pups to see outside
- Sandwich mesh padded straps to protect your shoulders
- Shoulder strap clip to prevent strap from falling off your shoulder
- Short handles to easily carry the bag on and off cars
- Safety belt to be looped onto the car seat 
- Safety latch inside to be hooked onto pet's collar
- Two large side pockets
- 1 hidden zip pocket on left, 1 hidden water bottle pocket on right
- 1 large zip pocket in the back

**Note: zippers are auto-lock zippers so they don't slip, so please make sure to pull the zips downwards at 45 degree angle to unlock the zips 


41cm Width X 32cm Height X 25cm Depth
16.14" Width X 12.6" Height X 9.85" Depth
Can hold pets between 5 ~ 22 lbs / 2~10 kgs

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