Scout Book Interactive Nose Work Toy

This scout book is the engagement toy of your dreams. Every page comes with a different surprise! The puppy on the cover makes squeaky sounds when bitten. When you open the book, there's a backpack on the first page where you can put some long jerky snacks in the straps. You can also hide treats in the backpack. The next page is an adventure map, where you pet can have a great time playing a nose work challenge. There's also a page with a long tissue cloth that can be pulled out by opening the biscuit. There are so many fun surprises and functions in this book, it's like a little adventure for your pet!

Benefits of Nose Work Toys:

  • Reduces anxiety in pets
  • Provides mental stimulation & encourages problem solving
  • Sharpens senses 
  • Keeps pets entertained at home 

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