Let's Adventure Pet Carrier / Backpack


+ Premium quality performance nylon fabric
+ Water-resistant, light-weight, durable, and smooth to the touch
+ Safety belt loop for when you want to wear the backpack on your back instead of in front. Belt loop can be tucked away in the hole when not in use.
+ Safety latch to be hooked onto pet's collar.
+ Sturdy board on the bottom to hold pup's weight, pup can sit comfortable into the bag
+ Removable non-slip mat at the bottom of the bag, easy to take out and wipe clean
+ Two buckles on front panel to hold pup's weight
+ Adjustable mesh opening to keep pup from jumping out
+ Additional safety latch to be hooked onto pet's collar
+ 3 slip pockets: 1 elastic pockets on each side, 1 large slip pocket on the front for waste bags/snacks/anything else
+ 1 zip pocket in the back panel for easy access to phone, wallet & keys
+ Padded sandwich mesh strap design to protect your shoulders
+ Additional belt loop for those who wish to wear the backpack on their back instead of in front. Belt loop can be hidden in the 2 holes on each side when not in use.
+ Beautiful light green color with grey trims to match, also available in black
+ Wide enough for pup to sit comfortably
+ Cross-wear design to balance weight of pup to reduce strain on your shoulders
+ Carrier Plus+ has additional net opening on two sides for breathability


36 cm height X 33 cm width X 21.5 cm depth
14 inch height X 13 inch width X 8.5 inch depth

Ideal for pups under 7 KGs (< 15 lbs).

**Please measure your pup's height and width when sitting down prior to purchasing the bag, as pups can differ in size & shape. Pup should be sitting sideways and not forward when measured.

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