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Cloud Crossbody Pet Carrier (Black)

Sale priceUSD$99.00

Cloud Crossbody Pet Carrier - Pups & Bubs
Cloud Crossbody Pet Carrier (Black) Sale priceUSD$99.00

Customer Reviews

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Julie C.
Super cute bag!

Finally a cute and comfy sling style bag! Just got it and have already been testing it out :) So far so good! No real need for the netting part (don’t think we’ll ever use it), so I would leave that off of the next bag you design :) Oh and maybe more supportive sides that don’t collapse as easily. Our dog likes to stand and rest her head on the side, but it kept collapsing down. Still love it though, just adding some critique for future :)

Thank you for the review Julie, we appreciate the feedback! The photos are SO cute, thanks for putting a smile on our faces :) The bag is designed to be really soft on purpose so that it widens into a rest pod when not being carried. But if you'd like it to stand up more, a little tip is to use the two water bottle pockets on the sides, the bottles will keep the sides up ♡
- PB Team

Lois P.
Good and bad

Bag is well made with lovely sheen. Netting does not help to hold my 4 pound poodle in. Zippers are not smooth and often jam. Shorter leash is helpful. For $100 zippers should not jam!

Hello Lois,

Thank you for leaving a review, we appreciate your feedback! In terms of the zipper - our design team opted for the more expensive vislon zipper on this carrier to ensure that they fit perfectly to the look of the carrier. By nature, these type of zippers don't feel as smooth as regular nylon zippers due to its material and shape of zip teeth. However, there should not be any 'jamming' happening in the sense that the zipper is stuck, and you have to use force to slide it open. If that's the case, please reach out to us via and we'll resolve it for you right away.

Regarding the net closure, the net can close completely. However, if you mean that the net is not low enough to keep the pup completely inside the bag, it's because we have to accommodate to different sized pups. If the safety latch is too long to keep your pup in, we recommend tying a knot on the leash to make it shorter as a quick fix. We'll also pass this on to our product team and consider shorter leashes for petite pups.

If you have any questions at all or have further feedback, please reach out to us via email any time. We're always ready to help!

- PB Team


Love this carrier! So great to bring my pup around while being vaccinated

Comfortable, practical and beautiful!

My dog (pomeranian, weighs ~2.3kg) loves travelling in this crossbody bag that it’s become our go-to! I love how it’s practical with ample of storage without compromising on the structure or comfort. The attention to all the details including the elastic key feature makes this bag easy to store personal items too, and the material makes it great even when taking it out in the rain. I always get compliments whenever I take this bag out, the quality is just perfect. I often find my dog napping inside her bag which is a good sign that it’s comfortable and cosy!

Love love love!!