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Everywhere Convertible Tote Bag Pet Carrier (Black)

Sale priceUSD$139.00

Everywhere Convertible Tote Bag Pet Carrier (Black) - Pups & Bubs
Everywhere Convertible Tote Bag Pet Carrier (Black) Sale priceUSD$139.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ekaterina T.
Love the bag

I am very satisfied with the bag. It’s very comfortable and looks great!


Absolutely love this bag!! I was searching high & low for a tote for my mini poodle, and this one is perfect. My little guy is only 13 lbs, but he’s on the longer side so I was having trouble finding a good fit, until I found this one. He’s a bit anxious but feels super comfortable being toted in it. I love the various zipper options to allow it to unfold to a bed or even car seat. Also have an option to roll down the side if your pup isn’t tall enough to see out. Highly recommend!

Heidi B.
Love it!! Perfect bag!!

This bag hits all the marks! My 7 lb Yorkie loves the bag. There are times he will choose to stay in bag and nap. The bag is comfortable to carry & has great pockets. We loved the bag so much I purchased both colors!!

Lalita N.
We LOVE it

I have been looking for a carrier for my miniature dachshund (6,2kg) that is both practical and stylish and I think this is the one!
Both me and my dog absolutely love this bag, it feels very sturdy and my dog seems to be comfortable in it. It is perfect for when we are commuting since there is usually no place to sit and I can just drop him into the bag.
As another customer has written, I haven't found anything like this on the market so we are so happy to have found this one!

Christine K.
Great Bag - great service

My dog, who has arthrosis, feels very comfortable in the Everywhere tote bag. Whether in town or on a walk in the woods, she always has the opportunity to rest when she can no longer walk.
... and she also wants to get into the bag by herself.
When empty, the bag is very light and comfortable to carry.
All the features are great, especially that you can also use it as a blanket.
I have not found anything comparable on the market,
Thanks also to the customer service, who answered all my questions patiently and quickly.

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