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Roam Luxe Harness (Space)

Sale priceUSD$52.00

Roam Luxe Harness (Space)
Roam Luxe Harness (Space) Sale priceUSD$52.00

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous quality pieces

We received the Roam Luxe Harness in Space (Small) and the Roam Multi-Way Leash (Lite) as part of a social media program, but the following represents my complete true and honest opinion of the items.

These pieces are so beautifully crafted with thoughtful details and secure enough for a very rambunctious puppy. As a professional designer, I am always looking for quality items that are both aesthetically pleasing and innovative in function, and with these I couldn't ask for more - plus I am just so obsessed with this tone-on-tone look against his coat! The Space color is so stunning in person. Not quite gray and not quite silver - this particular tone has so many subtle nuances to the way it catches the light along with the complementary finish on the clasps and hardware that make it feel just sooo luxurious. Lastly, getting him into harnesses usually be really challenging (squirmy 5 month old puppy lol), but I find the way this one slips on to be the easiest we've ever tried. I just use some of his favorite treat to lure him through the opening to pull it over his head and then secure the clasps. The fabric is soft and padded and he always seems happy to be wearing it too!

Julia P.
Chic and practical

We adore this harness! The beige colour is elegant and warm, the hardware is sturdy and stunning. It’s incredibly easy to put on and the padding is soft and in all the right places. Highly recommend!

Best harness ever!!!

I couldn't be happier with my purchase! The harness is made of high-quality materials that feel both durable and comfortable for my dog. The design is very unique and it looks great on my dog.

What I love most about is how secure it feels, it is well padded and does not move around when I walk my dog. Plus, it features a sturdy metal ring for attaching a leash, so I know my dog is safe and secure.

Highly recommend the Roam Luxe harness to any pet owner looking for a reliable, comfortable, secure and most importantly, awesome looking harness for their dog!

Fits perfectly!

This is actually one of the best harnesses we’ve ever had! It fits Appa perfectly and doesn’t wiggle on his back. It’s very easy to put on and take off. The material is also very nice and easy to clean!🤍🤍🤍

Stacey B.
I LOVE Pups and Bubs, but the Roam harness was a total miss for me. :(

I really adore everything I’ve bought from Pups and Bubs so far (I've purchased 3 of the Every Day Walking Bags--two for me in different colors and one for a friend). The material is soft and comfortable with many pockets and places to store things. I was so excited when I saw the harness because it is made of the same material as the bags and I thought it would be really comfortable against my boy's skin. I took a long time deciding on it because it is fairly expensive and the photographs are not really clear regarding how it works. Specifically, I did not understand how the neck fit. It was a big decision because if it did not work out I knew I could not return it. I did write to the company before purchasing and they were helpful in showing me more pictures and explaining how the harness fit together. I have purchased several harnesses from other companies, but none that really thrilled me. Since I love the walking bags, so much, I decided to give this harness a try. Upon unpackaging it, I realized that I should've erred on the side of caution. Although the neck does have buckles that attach to each side of the undercarriage, there is no snap or Velcro, or stitching that holds the two sides of the collar together; each top side of the neck kind of slips through the other one, so it is never really tightly secure. My boy is a Cattle Dog and quite strong on the lead, so this harness was a big loss/waste for me. I could see it being "nice and pretty" for a small dog that doesn't pull or is carried all the time.

Hello Stacey! We're very sorry to hear the Roam Harness did not meet you expectations.

In our email with you, you kindly explained to us that you only use the front-ring when walking your dog. We agree that this harness is designed primarily for the use of the back ring. While the back ring is very sturdy and can certainly handle dogs that pull a lot, the front ring is less so. We have updated our product description to reflect this to avoid other customers experiencing the same issue.

Thank you very much for your feedback. We value all our customers' experiences, and will work to improve them as much as we can!